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IT Affairs _ Islamic University of Gaza
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 Department of Information Technology is working to provide many of the Electronic services for students and staff of the programs used, hosted sites, and incubated projects.
It also oversees the scientific laboratories and provide wired and wireless network services for students and staff.

Business and Technology Incubator (BTI) was established as a new unit at the Islamic University of Gaza after receiving a grant from infoDev program for the first phase and Quality Improvement Fund (QIF) for the second. BTI aims to offer professional business services to Palestinian entrepreneurs who have mature concepts for unique and innovative IT related products assessed to have strong market potential.

BTI will design, develop, implement and promote those initiatives that will support the development of entrepreneurial business ventures with high growth potential by providing them with an integrated package of world-class business development services that will nurture and support the commercialization of ideas and enhance the development and growth of dynamic enterprises.

as a Strategic Objective BTI will craft promotion and marketing strategies that will separately and uniquely focus on the development of, and access to, business opportunities in regional and international markets for Palestinian ICT firms. But most importantly, BTI will identify and support the technical, intellectual and managerial talent of young entrepreneurs who can become the backbone of a dynamic export market for IT related products and services in Palestine.
The Business and Technology Incubator provide a full range of business development services, and support innovators and entrepreneurs to transform initiatives and ideas to private businesses can provide sustainable employment opportunities for graduates.
as an integral part of the activities of the Business and Technology Incubator, graduates and initiatives are considered a key target groups that are highlighting the role of the incubator in the support services provided by them in order to strengthen their leadership role in the community as one of the main factors of development.
This has been achieved
many results such as Workshops , programs and events and embrace initiatives and companies, also it participate in local, regional and international competitions in addition tocooperation partnerships, finally it  provide an environment for innovation and excellence with high quality for entrepreneurs.